Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prayers Download Page


This page is designed to allow our students to download the prayers in an MP3 format. These files can be downloaded to a computer or MP3 player/IPOD.


One note about the prayers. The page numbers that are announced on the audio are from the Siddur Sim Shalom. The Siddur Hadash page numbers are listed in the file name of the prayer.


Example: 07-Shema pg 242.mp3 (7th prayer in the service located on page 242 in the Siddur Hadash).


If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to email us.


Friday Evening

(right button click on the prayer and do a "save target as", then save it to your computer)


40-Shabbat Evening - Shalom Aleihem pg 16

41-L'ha Dodi pg 38

42-L'ha Dodi-Boil V'shalom pg 40

43-Barhu pg 50

44-Eil Hai pg 50

45-Ahavat Olam pg 52

46-Mi Hamoha pg 60

47-Ufros Aleynu pg 62

48-Vayihulu pg 80

49-Magen Avot pg 81

50-Kiddush for Friday Night pg 90

51-Yigdal pg 126



Saturday Morning

(right button click on the prayer and do a "save target as", then save it to your computer)


01-Shohen Ad pg 218

02-Uvmakhalot pg 218

03-Hatzi Kaddish pg 220

04-Barhu pg 224

05-El Adon pg 228

06-Follow the squares

07-Shema pg 242

08-V'ahavta pg 242

09-Vayomer pg 246

10-Leman Tizk'ru pg 246

11-Follow the squares

12-Mi Hamoha pg 252

13-Amidah pg 254

14-Kedushah pg 256

15-L'dor Vador pg 256

16-V'shamru pg 258

17-Eloheinu pg 258

18-Kaddish Shalem pg 268

19-Ein Kamoha pg 312

20-Vayahi pg 312

21-Torah Service pg 320

22-Torah Blessing - before pg 322

23-Torah Blessing - after pg 322

24-Haftarah Blessings pg 326

25-Ashrei pg 336

26-Return the Torah - Y'halelu pg 340

27-Mizmor L'David pg 342

28-Etz Haim Hi pg 346

29-Musaf Kedushah pg 358

30-Ein Kelohenu pg 400

31-Aleynu pg 402

32-Adon Olam pg 412

33-Kiddush pg 418

34-Hamotzi pg 419

35-Havdalah Intro pg 672

36-Havdalah Blessings pg 672

37-Hamavdil pg 674

38-Shavua Tov pg 674

39-Eliyahu Hanavi pg 671